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Just some politics before work. - POLITICALdarwinism --> American & International News & Political Discussion ..
If you're not outraged, you're probably not paying attention!
Just some politics before work.
I think for the first time in my young voting record, I am really scared and on edge about what is going to happen with our country. I moved my support to Obama a few months ago when Clinton decided to let her husband speak her dirty words for her (although she was the biggest proponent of not "throwing mud" during the campaign) and he made the mistake of playing the race card. Personal attacks are apart of politics; this much I know. But to make reference to anyones race is going over the line to me. It would be like if we called Hilary a dike for wanting to be the most powerful person in the country. But thats neither nor there.

Everyone seems to be cautiously writing Clinton off for the primaries on Tuesday. And I think that is a major mistake. I mean, I know they need ratings, but by drawing more attention to her lack of luster, I am really afraid women will try to rally around her and support her and prolong this race even longer than I want it to go. The only reason why I say this is because of what happened between Iowa and New Hampshire. Obama won Iowa and the media couldn't stop singing his praises and calling it a done deal for Clinton, and then (mostly) women rallied for her to win in New Hampshire. The more I see her talk in debates, the more I lose my respect for her. (Used to be MAJOR Clinton fan; my uterus did cart wheels when she was elected into Senate) She has reverted back to what got her husband elected in the early nineties; silly, ridiculous and utter stupid name calling tricks that aren't getting her anywhere (I hope) with anyone above a high school education. I've watched all 20 debates. And I'd say with every debate she has lost 2 years of maturity. Yup, she's a teenager again ("Shame on you Barack Obama! Meet me in Ohio and lets debate!"

I guess I just dont trust her anymore. And my heart is really clamoring for Obama to win. As much as I fear his safety (for whatever reason, it is a constant on my mind when I watch him speak on CNN), I think once he gets to the White House he could make real change. And lets face, a multi-millionaire white, college graduated women would hardly constitute the average working woman "breaking the final glass ceiling." Lets be honest, really. I don't want her in the office. I no longer think she will do a good job.

..just a political rant before I head off to work. (x-posted)

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